Physio Massage

Lettino Physio Massage


1,390 CHF + VAT

Administrative and transport costs to be added.


24 months 85.00 CHF  per month +VAT

36 months 59.00 CHF per month +VAT

48 Months 49.00 CHF per month +VAT

Purchase option at end of leasing period.

Administrative and transport costs to be added.


Bed with 1 folding joint
Electric height adjustment
White steel base
White eco-leather covering
Roll holder

Maximum weight limit: 170 kg
Weight: 57,7 kg
cm 180x70x54/86 h

Electric bed, easy transport.

Attractive design and extremely functional, featuring a base composed of 2 solid elliptical columns that provide stability and make it ideal for massages, Physio Massage 1 is an innovative and functional response for state-of-the-art beauty centres in many ways. The peculiarity of this bed lies in the fact that it was created as a solution for “multirooms” offering facial, body and massage services. Equipped with electric motor adjusting height, backrest and seat angle, this bed is a game changer, perfect for head, shoulder and back ergonomics, client comfort and operator position.

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