Adelaide Podiatry Chair

Poltrona Podologia Adelaide


2,750 CHF + VAT

Administrative and transport costs to be added.


24 Months 159.00 CHF per month + VAT

36 Months 119.00 CHF per month + VAT

48 Months 95.00 CHF per month + VAT

Purchase option at end of leasing period.

Administrative and transport costs to be added.


C8 – Electric armchair bed (2 motors, 2 automatic movements)

Different version upon request

C8 MOD – Electric armchair bed (2 motors) with upholstered armrests

Fill out the non-binding form that will allow you to know the feasibility of your leasing request within 24 working hours.

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Prodotti Correlati

Ondashape III

Combination of 5 different technologies that work simultaneously for the targeted treatment of body and face imperfections.


Revolutionary machine that combines 3 technologies: vacuum, infrared (thermal exercise), treadmill (toning) for eliminating localised fat deposits.

Radiofrequenza 5in1

With an ergonomic and compact design, this multifunctional face and body machine is equipped with 5 handpieces, which can be managed individually through an intuitive software that allows you to create multiple targeted treatments for each individual client.