An excellent treatment begins with the perfect sterilization of your instruments.


Class B

The Autoclave 12 litres class B is currently the most precise sterilisation instrument available in order to comply with sterilisation regulations. The OndAutoclave 12 litres allows to sterilise in a simple, fast and efficient way. This means that your tools will always be ready and in a sterile environment (the self-sealing bags will allow you to open the tool right in front of the client!). Fully computerised.
This model is specially designed for frequent use, equipped with a microprocessor for intelligent control of the entire sterilisation cycle. It is equipped with a printer for checking sterilisation cycle reports. It has a capacity of 12 litres and can sterilise: hollow objects (such as turbines, various handpieces, cannulae, etc.), porous materials, textile loads, bagged materials and more.

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