7900 Alpha Sunbed 

7900 Alpha Sunbed


An original aesthetic design and the integration of the most advanced technologies are the trademarks of the Megasun tanning sunbed line: the 7900 Alpha design is the perfect solution for those looking for the best possible quality and a unique design, with attention to detail.


Electronic power technology, a state-of-the-art solarium equipped with electronic ballasts, reduces power usage by 33% while also reducing the heat emitted during operation.





A new type of reflector tubes that ensure a better distribution of power. Each surface is specially finished to ensure more effective treatment and a significantly higher performance. EvoSystem2 technology is designed to give a more intense and uniform tan to the face.


Equipped with intelligent technology, the megaSun 7900 Alpha design is able to independently control the ventilation intensity according to the ambient temperature.


Megavoice, a speech synthesiser that guides the user through sunbed adjustments.

X-tra Tan

The latest high-pressure tanning lamps provide more power and a more intense and even tan, even in the shoulder area.

Sound system

The sound system package includes a sound system with input for an external source and built-in speakers.


ElectronicPower is a set of innovative features: the electronic system lowers the power consumption of the tubes by around 33% and ensures safe operation – even when the electrical voltage fluctuates.

P2 pigmentation tubes

P2 is the name of the new pigmentation tubes that represent the next level of conventional tanning equipment technology: amazing results for a safe tan thanks to a protective effect on the skin and the stimulation of vitamin D3 production (not available for UV type III).


ACCESSORY EQUIPMENT (optional according to the different Packages)



Upon request, the sunbed ventilation system can circulate air with two types of fragrances, thanks to concentrated aromas sprayed during the tanning session.


With aquaCool, an accessory system that can be integrated into the top of the Megasun 4800 sunbed, a cool cloud of steam is sprayed onto the skin for the duration of the tanning session, for a refreshing and revitalising effect.


A high-performance air-conditioning system is present in every MegaSun sunbed model, ensuring a sufficient cooling effect during the tanning session.


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