6900 Alpha Sunbed

6900 Alpha Sunbed


The Megasun 6900 Alpha Deluxe sunbed is particularly well suited to meet the wishes of all your customers, even those who demand the ultimate in tanning! The new Megasun 6900 Alpha Deluxe comes with patented features that make it smart in the truest sense of the word! The elegant design, perfect ergonomics, and customised settings ensure your favourite tan at the click of a button. But that’s not all: the Megasun 6900 Alpha Deluxe is also very easy to use thanks to several programmes that can be conveniently selected before the session via the external preSelection display on the canopy panel. The intelliSun technology guarantees a gentle yet effective tan. In addition, the six p2 tubes provide a healthy tan thanks to the bio-positive effects of vitamin D. The new X-tra Tan distributes the tan evenly over the entire body. During the session, 40 Ruby-Booster Collagen LEDs also restore the properties the skin has lost over the years, namely moisture and elasticity. Megasun 6900 Alpha Deluxe is not just a tanning lamp, but a true beauty and health treatment for the skin and metabolism of the entire body.



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