Pure Energy Sun Shower 5.0

Latest generation solar shower with leasing formula.

Pure Energy Sun Shower 5.0

Sun Shower

Powerful like never before. The Pure Energy 5.0 was developed for exactly one reason: To increase tanning efficiency + 36% performance, more power, reducing power consumption and heat development.

Uniform tanning and reduced energy consumption

The new KBL Megasun Tower Pure Energy 5.0 Shower combines innovative design with exclusive features. It ensures a perfect tan thanks to maximum power and reduced energy consumption. It has a VibraNano platform that offers a short but effective workout for the body. The transparent acrylic ceiling that illuminates the inside of the tower during the tanning session with graphic decorations and eye-catching front create a unique atmosphere.

Why choose KBL Megasun Tower Pure Energy 5.0


Equipped with intelligent technology, the KBL Megasun Tower Pure Energy 5.0 sun tanning shower is able to independently control the intensity of ventilation according to the temperature of its surroundings.

Colour motion

Choose from 18 different programmes using the remote control. Choose your favourite colour options simply by using the motionWheel touch control. You can also choose the light intensity and flashing frequency.


The innovative megaSun ventilation system with four independent air inlets ensures a pleasant feeling of freshness throughout the tanning treatment.

Electronic Power


and much more! Mega voice, musicVibration, mp3-Sound-Box, Bluetooth

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