8000 Alpha Deluxe Hybrid Tanning Bed

Lettino Solare di ultima generazione con formula Leasing.

8000 Alpha Deluxe Hybrid Tanning Bed

Sun Shower

The Megasun 8000 Alpha Deluxe Hybrid tanning bed is superior to the standard version thanks to its UV power and extremely intense tan! The 16 special P2 tubes are the core of the Megasun 8000 Alpha Deluxe tanning bed as they emit an EXTRA amount of UVB, which provides a perfect tan and bio-positive effects through vitamin D synthesis. In addition, 60 powerful Ruby-Collagen Boosters bring increased hydration that revitalises, relaxes and detoxifies the skin. A silky-smooth skin is guaranteed!

You can comfortably choose the desired tanning setting, adjust the air conditioning or activate the aroma. The operator has the additional option of individually adjusting all the device’s functions. And all this with just a few “clicks” from the outside.

Needless to say, the 8000 Alfa Hybrid also has all the MegaSun comfort features: exciting and stimulating fragrances thanks to the aroma function, music via Bluetooth or integrated mp3 player, aqua fresh and many other comfort functions.

Sunbed with Ondapulsante Leasing formula.

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