Face Analyzer to accurately detect epidermis and dermis problems.


With RGB, UV and PL technology

Our Facial Skin Scanner allows you to scan and analyse your facial skin and accurately detect any problems in the epidermis and dermis.

Using three different images taken with RGB, UV and PL light and a software that carries out a comparative analysis of the results against more than 30 million age-matched clinical databases, the skin status of clients is processed and the results are classified in percentages according to the following categories: pores, skin pigmentation, skin blemishes, moisture, wrinkles, skin sensitivity, cell metabolism, comedones, ultraviolet damage, etc.
A tool for rapid and detailed diagnosis, which allows targeted treatments for each client through photographic support and the analysis carried out by the machine. Plus, it also offers the possibility of providing the client with a home treatment plan.

The Ondapulse Leasing service offers Facial Skin Analyser with no down payment required.

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