OndaPresso Eyes

Eye pressotherapy, for the definitive treatment of the eye contour.
INCLUDED specific product kit for the periocular area

OndaPresso Eyes

Pressotherapy Eyes + specific products kit for the eye area

Revitalise your eyes with the ultimate eye contour treatment.

OndaPresso Eyes is a special eye mask with multiple functions:

  • Intelligent vibrating massage: stimulation of the acupuncture points of the eye muscles.

It improves blood circulation, reduces eye fatigue, offers relief to dry eyes and reduces the swelling of bags and dark circles.

The muscles relax, tension decreases, and a beneficial feeling of relaxation and rest is experienced.

  • Pressotherapy: the modulated compression of the Pressotherapy treatment alleviates swelling and reactivates the lymphatic and circulatory systems.
  • Infrared: heat therapy (35°/45°), improves blood circulation, providing relief to tired and dry eyes, restoring the lipid layer of the tear film.

A true anti-ageing strategy that acts directly on all ageing factors in the eye contour.  

 The programme is based on OndaPresso Eyes, a special device that you wear like a mask, combined with a specific cosmetic line to treat the eye contour.

A programme specifically formulated to combat skin ageing and able to treat all the imperfections around the eyes in a well-targeted and effective manner.

INCLUDED product kit specifically for the eye area

Nuova Vita al tuo sguardo con il trattamento definitivo per il contorno occhi.

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