Facial Technologies

La nostra pelle richiede una costante cura, motivo per il quale molte persone si affidano a specialisti e centri estetici per recuperare tonicità e freschezza della propria pelle.

Ondapulsante realizza macchinari estetico – medicali ad alta tecnologia per trattamenti viso in grado di  trattare problematiche diverse dell’epidermide in maniera specifica e differente.

Le apparecchiature estetico – medicali Ondapulsante risultano perfettamente idonee per trattamenti estetici viso, antiage, idratanti, restitutivi, per pelli impure, schiarenti e opacizzanti.


Our Facial Skin Scanner allows you to scan and analyse your facial skin and accurately detect any problems in the epidermis and dermis.


Intelligent user-friendly design, safe and reliable.

Adjustable operating modes: eyebrow, lips, eyeliner and medical management.

OndaPresso Eyes

Revitalise your eyes with the ultimate eye contour treatment. OndaPresso Eyes is a special eye mask with multiple functions:

100% Organic Mask Maker

Place the ingredient of your choice (fruit juice, wine, etc.) inside the maker, add water and a collagen capsule to jellify. The organic mask will be ready to use in 5 minutes.



Innovative technology for natural bio-reconstruction of the face, directly addressing the damage caused by the natural ageing process


Skin Scrubber

Skin Scrubber offers an innovative steam-free ultrasonic facial cleansing system in full compliance with anti-Covid regulations. Take care of your clients’ skin in a highly professional manner.


PlasmaPen comes with the necessary training for safe and satisfying results. The training will cover sales, marketing and practical aspects. You will also receive a certificate of attendance.


DermaPen is a professional micro-needling device with 5 configurable speeds (maximum speed 28000 rpm) and needle length adjustment from 0.25mm to 2.50mm to ensure outstanding results.



Ondakronos is an integrated platform of technologies that work both inside and outside the epidermis to guarantee young, healthy skin. Ondakronos offers your clients the opportunity of effective treatments that are visible right away.