Radiofrequency 5in1

5 Handpieces, individually manageable

Radiofrequency 5in1

2 Facial Handpieces and 3 Body Handpieces

With its ergonomic and compact design, this multifunctional facial and body device is equipped with 5 handpieces that can be controlled individually through an intuitive software that allows you to create multiple targeted treatments for each individual client.

The 5 handpieces –2 for the face and 3 for the body– allow to have multiple devices in a single machine.

Bipolar radiofrequency: works in the deep layer of the skin by stimulating the renewal of deteriorated collagen with new collagen, increasing the production of fibroblasts as well as contracting them. It also increases elastin production and cellular metabolism for a defined oval and a noticeable reduction in wrinkles. The skin appears younger and firmer.

Bio-microcurrents: they work on the lymphatic and circulatory microcirculation, re-oxygenate the tissues and stimulate facial muscles for a more defined and oxygenated oval with a brighter texture.

Bipolar radiofrequency + vacuum: massage and stimulation of the connective tissue, allows targeted drainage of critical areas, while simultaneously providing a toning effect thanks to the radiofrequency action.

Tripolar radiofrequency reduces cellulite, fat and skin laxity.

Ultrasound: enables the reduction of panniculus adiposus and the delivery of specific products.

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Radiofrequenza 5in1

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