Pressotherapy 3in1

Latest version with: infrared for fat dissolving, electrostimulators for muscle toning.

Pressoterapia 3in1

Touch Screen Version

Pressotherapy is the ideal treatment for all those cases in which we have to work on the circulatory and lymphatic system. The programmes provided can meet the needs of every single client, treating everything from simple oedema to the most persistent cellulite; moreover, the simultaneous use of infrared, which allows deep heating of the tissues and the consequent increase in body temperature, activates cellular metabolism and reduces circumferences.

Pressotherapy 3in1 allows us to carry out targeted electrostimulation treatments for toning, firming and slimming, which in combination with pressotherapy and infrared create a complete treatment, for visible results right from the first session.

3in1 pressotherapy, take it without a deposit with our service
Pressotherapy leasing.

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Pressotherapy 3in1

Latest version with: infrared for fat melting, electro-stimulators for muscle toning.