OndaVacu Gym

Treadmill + Vacuum + Infrared: 3 combined technologies to eliminate the loss of adipose tissue faster.

OndaVacu Gym

Treadmill + Vacuum + Infrared

The OndaVacu Gym is a revolutionary machine that combines vacuum technology  and infrared technology (thermal exercise) for solving problems related to localised adiposity and cellulite at all stages, activating blood circulation and body metabolism during the treadmill activity scheduled in the session.

The use of the treadmill, together with the workout activity, accelerates the blood circulation – improves tissue circulation, eliminates fat tissue loss faster and concentrates on the most critical areas, as fat is burned by active muscles.

The best device for burning calories.

Burn up to 1,200 kcal within 30 mins!

The end result is a slim body, strengthened muscles and firmer, more elastic skin.

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