OndaCrio 4

Eliminates localized fat by exploiting the principle of cold


Updated version with 4 handpieces

Machine equipped with 4 handpieces that can be used simultaneously with ergonomic attachments for greater comfort.

Also known as “scalpel-free liposuction”, it is a non-invasive procedure that eliminates localised fat in a single session. It uses cold temperature: the handpiece operates in a vacuum and reaches a temperature of approximately -10°, destroying the fat cells which are then naturally disposed of by the body.

It uses 4 handpieces that can be applied simultaneously and managed individually through the software, for targeted work on each individual area. It also has 3 interchangeable ergonomically designed attachments to work better on the various curves of the body.

Clients must be in good health and, above all, must not have recently undergone treatment such as chemo or radiotherapy. In case of doubt, ask your therapist for advice.

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