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Pressotherapy 3in1

Enhanced version with: infrared for fat burning, electro-stimulators for muscle toning. Latest model equipped with armrests. Ideal for water retention, cellulite, fat, muscle relaxation.


Lipolaser is a non-invasive slimming treatment using a low-frequency laser. Penetrating through the epidermis, it stimulates the membranes of fat cells, reducing their size.

OndaCrio 4

Machine equipped with 4 handpieces that can be used simultaneously with ergonomic attachments for greater comfort. Also known as “scalpel-free liposuction”, it is a non-invasive procedure that eliminates localised fat in a single session.


Revolutionary machine that combines 3 technologies: vacuum, infrared (thermal exercise), treadmill (toning) for eliminating localised fat deposits.

Ocean WoodOndaFloat


Aesthetic device for vasodilation, which has proven its reliability over many years, gives guaranteed results by promoting muscle relaxation and improving blood circulation. Suitable for use in combination with weight-loss, slimming and purifying treatments.


Shock waves are acoustic pressure waves generated by a handpiece that spread ‘radially’ across the underlying tissue in a non-aggressive manner.

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